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Volume 4 (2006), No 2, p 59-65

Genetic determination of an endothelial function and the size of the heart sections in juvenile hypertensives

Vera Adamkova, Jaroslav A. Hubacek, Helena Pistulkova, Hana Malinska, Jelena Skibova

Address: Vera Adamkova, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, Department of Preventive Cardiology, Videnska 1958, 140 21 Prague 4

Received 9th November 2005.
Revised 7th January 2006.
Published online 20th March 2006.

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Arterial hypertension is a polygenic disease and about 50 candidate genes have been analysed. We followed the size of the heart sections and the endothelial function in juvenile hypertensives according to the polymorphisms in the genes for angiotensin converting enzyme (I/D), endothelin 1 (Lys198/Asn) and endothelin 1 converting enzyme (Thr341/Ile).
We observed 44 juvenile hypertensives and 94 controls of the same age. An echocardiographic examination was carried out during standard examinations. The endothelial function was analysed with the use of ultrasound with high acuity after revoking a reactive hyperaemia. The genotypisations were performed using the polymerase chain reaction and restriction analysis. Statistical analyses were carried out using the BMDP statistical software.
There were no differences between controls and hypertensives in alleles frequency. The hypertensives differed from the control group in the endothelial function (statistically significant). The hypertensives homozygotes D/D and the heterozygotes Lys198/Asn had a larger left ventricle (statistically significant); the hypertensives with the Thr341/Ile had a larger left ventricle septum (statistically significant) and back wall of the left ventricle (statistically significant) than the controls with the same genotype.
We concluded that the genes for ACE, endothelin 1 and endothelin 1 converting enzyme have an influence on the size of the heart sections and on the endothelial function of the juvenile hypertensives.

juvenile hypertension; polymorphisms; angiotensin converting enzyme; endothelin-1; endothelin-1 converting enzyme

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