ISSN 1214-0287 (on-line)
ISSN 1214-021X (printed)

Volume 4 (2006), No 4, p 197-203

Cytogenetic methods and biomonitoring of occupational exposure to genotoxic factors

Tomas Adamus, Irena Mikulenkova, Lubomir Dobias, Jaroslava Havrankova, Tomas Pek

Address: Tomas Adamus, Faculty of Health and Social Studies, University of Ostrava, Department of Medical Examination Methods and Medical Biology, Syllabova 19, 703 00 Ostrava 3, Czech Republic

Received 20th June 2006.
Revised 11th September 2006.
Published online 27th October 2006.

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The professional aim of this project was to map the detection of genotoxicants using cytogenetic methods. It summarizes the results of four studies carried out at three different workplaces in different industries. The main aim of the study was also to monitor types of exposure to genotoxicants and their impact on the human population: The exposure of blast furnace workers in the steel industry to genotoxic factors; the exposure of coke oven plant workers to genotoxic factors, and the exposure to genotoxic factors in workplaces in the chemical industry - in particular to heavy metals (Ni, Cd). Cytogenetic analysis and the micronucleus test are sensitive methods in the field of biomonitoring of human exposure in industry, and play an important role in the prevention of damage to human health.

genotoxicants; micronucleus test; binucleated cells; furnace workers

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