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Volume 6 (2008), No 2, p 57-64

Electrochemical biosensors - principles and applications

Miroslav Pohanka, Petr Skladal

Address: Miroslav Pohanka, Central Military Institute of Health, Center of Biological Defense, 561 66 Techonin, Czech Republic

Received 2nd January 2009.
Revised 7th January 2008.
Published online 24th April 2008.

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The first scientifically proposed as well as successfully commercialized biosensors were those based on electrochemical sensors for multiple analytes. Electrochemical biosensors have been studied for a long time. Currently, transducers based on semiconductors and screen printed electrodes represent a typical platform for the construction of biosensors. Enzymes or enzyme labeled antibodies are the most common biorecognition components of biosensors. The principles of, and the most typical applications for electrochemical biosensors are described in this review. The relevant systems are divided into three types according to the operating principle governing their method of measurement : potentiometric, amperometric and impedimetric transducers, and the representative devices are described for each group. Some of the most typical assays are also mentioned in the text.

enzyme electrode; immunosensor; potentiometric; amperometric; impedimetric transducer

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