ISSN 1214-0287 (on-line)
ISSN 1214-021X (printed)

Volume 6 (2008), No 3, p 147-152

Electro-acupuncture in the dog: diagnostic evaluation points

Elisabetta Giudice, Silvia Galia, Claudia Giannetto

Address: Elisabetta Giudice, Department of Veterinary Public Health, University of Messina, Italy

Received 12th June 2008.
Revised 2nd July 2008.
Published online 16th September 2008.

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The aim of this study was to identify electro-acupuncture points in the dog and to evaluate diagnostic aspects of the application of electro-acupuncture in veterinary medicine. For this purpose, we used four crossbred dogs affected by different diseases and four healthy dogs. In all animals, the conductance was measured by using electro-acupuncture according to Voll, "EAV" GOLD. Measurement carried out in the four ill dogs showed conductance values higher (70 US) or lower (30-40 US) than that observed in healthy dogs (45-60 US). Our results showed that the measurement of conductance in the acupoint along the Bladder meridian might be considered as a useful technique for the diagnosis of some diseases in dogs, in association with good clinical practice.

electro-acupuncture; Meridian charts; veterinary practice; dog

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