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Volume 7 (2009), No 2 p 111-114

The translocation of AgNORs in large nucleoli of early granulocyte progenitors in patients suffering from chronic phase of chronic myeloid leukaemia

Karel Smetana, Ilona Jiraskova, Dana Mikulenkova, Hana Klamova

Address: Karel Smetana, Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, U nemocnice 1, Praha 2, Czech Republic

Received 22nd May 2009.
Revised 29th May 2009.
Published online 1st June 2009.

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The present study was undertaken to provide more information of the translocation of AgNORs to the nucleolar periphery in human early granulocyte progenitors such as myeloblasts and promyelocytes. The bone marrow smears of patients untreated or treated with the cytostatic therapy appeared to be a convenient model for such study because they possessed a satisfactory number of these cells. The translocation of AgNORs to the nucleolar periphery in early granulocytic progenitors was observed in all studied patients but with different incidence. Since the translocation of AgNORs to the nucleolar periphery was induced in experimental studies in vitro by the cell ageing, it seems to be likely that even some granulocyte progenitors in patients suffering from chronic myeloid leukaemia might age without a further differentiation. In addition, the incidence of such cells was markedly and significantly increased by the targeted cytostatic therapy with imatinib. At this occasion it should be noted that these patients were also characterised by a significantly decreased granulopoiesis.

AgNORs; intranucleolar translocation; leukaemia early granulocyte progenitors; cytostatic therapy

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