Journal of APPLIED BIOMEDICINE on-line

EISSN 1214-0287; ISSN 1214-021X
Founded: 2003 by Josef Berger
Abbreviated title:J Appl Biomed

Providing a unique perspective, this international journal publishes peer-reviewed original papers and reviews offering a transfer of basic research to applied biomedicine.

The Journal of Applied Biomedicine promotes the translation of basic biomedical research into clinical investigation, the conversion clinical evidence into practice, and the publication of new ideas for conquering human health problems across disciplines. It is a quarterly journal. It receives research papers from Europe and overseas.

Published by the University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
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Articles not assigned to an issue. Following articles are papers that have been copyedited and typeset but usually not yet paginated for inclusion in an issue of the journal.

Proenzyme therapy of sarcoma S-180 and melanoma B16-F10 (Original article)
Pavlina Kaiserova, Lucie Kalferstova, Hana Marsikova, Irena Bartonova, Peter Konik, Jan Kopecky, Jan Zenka
Investigating the influence of taurine on thiol antioxidant status in Wistar rats with a multi-analytical approach (Original article)
Jiri Sochor, Lukas Nejdl, Branislav Ruttkay-Nedecky, Andrea Bezdekova, Katerina Lukesova, Ondrej Zitka, Natalia Cernei, Petr Mares, Miroslav Pohanka, Vojtech Adam, Petr Babula, Miroslava Beklova, Ladislav Zeman, Rene Kizek
Entry of oxime K027 into the different parts of rat brain: comparison with obidoxime and oxime HI-6 (Original article)
Jana Zdarova Karasova, Filip Zemek, Jiri Kassa, Kamil Kuca
Modulatory effect of selenium on cell-cycle regulatory genes in the prostate adenocarcinoma cell line (Original article)
Agnieszka Wanda Piastowska-Ciesielska, Malgorzata Gajewska, Waldemar Wagner, Kamila Dominska, Tomasz Ochedalski
Advances in biosensors: principle, architecture and applications (Review)
Veeradasan Perumal, Uda Hashim
Circadian hematotoxicity of the antiepileptic valproic acid in mice (Original article)
Wafa Ben Cherif, Ichrak Dridi, Mohsen Hassine, Mossadok Ben-Attia, Karim Aouam, Alain Reinberg, Naceur Boughattas
Fate of two types of cerebellar graft in wild type and cerebellar mutant mice (Original article)
Miroslava Cedikova, Zbynek Houdek, Vaclav Babuska, Vlastimil Kulda, Frantisek Vozeh, Nicolas Zech, Lenka Cerna, Kristyna Krakorova, Milena Kralickova, Jan Cendelin
Comparison of the neuroprotective effects of a novel bispyridinium oxime KR-22934 with the oxime K203 and obidoxime in tabun-poisoned male rats (Original article)
Jiri Kassa, Jana Zdarova Karasova, Kamil Kuca, Kamil Musilek, Young-Sik Jung
Role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors delta (PPARdelta) in rats showing endotoxemic heart failure (Original article)
Ping-Chin Chang, Li-Jen Chen, Juei-Tang Cheng