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Journal of APPLIED BIOMEDICINE on-line

EISSN 1214-0287; ISSN 1214-021X
Founded: 2003
Abbreviated title: J Appl Biomed

Providing a unique perspective, this international journal publishes peer-reviewed original papers and reviews offering a transfer of basic research to applied biomedicine.

The Journal of Applied Biomedicine promotes the translation of basic biomedical research into clinical investigation, the conversion clinical evidence into practice, and the publication of new ideas for conquering human health problems across disciplines. It is a quarterly journal. It receives research papers from Europe and overseas.

Published at the University of South Bohemia, FHSS, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic from 2003 and at Elsevier from 2014.

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   Prof Dr Josef Berger

   Prof Dr Karel Smetana
   Prof Dr Jiri Patocka

Executive Editor:
   Dr Zdenek Chval

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Yvone Philippo